Every GTA Online player knows from his own experience how long it takes to buy only the most essential content. But the game is just beginning on it: in San Andreas there are so many things that you want to own in order to dominate and spend time interesting.

In order not to waste hundreds of hours of life on independent farming, the easiest way is to get money quickly. We will help you: you can take part in the online money drop.

Is it safe to participate in online money drop?

Let’s be fair: Rockstar really does an effective fight against cheaters, and constantly enforces the rules. But the opportunity to get quick money still remains, and we continue to use it.

Important: participation in money drop is absolutely safe for your account. Even if the admin finds it, most often there is a mild punishment: the money received will simply disappear from your balance, but you can continue to play. This happens, but not often: we act very carefully, and we are worried about the security of our clients accounts.

If you are worried about your playable character, we advise you to participate in the GTA V online money drop little by little, getting small amounts and taking breaks.

How do I take part in the money drop in GTA Online?

Submit an application for the amount you need through the website and pay for it. After that, you will receive a message about when and where the money drop will take place. All you have to do is arrive there and just stand there, watching your game score increase.

How much money I can get with money drop?

As much as you want as much you can get. To buy all content without restrictions, as well as all improvements and tuning, you need several hundred million (or about a billion if you want to create a stock for buying content that will appear in future updates).

This amount is enough to buy whatever you want without worrying about the price.

But making a money drop for such a large amount at once is not always safe, since large transactions cause more suspicion among administrators. And you do not need so much money at once — therefore, it is better to place several separate orders, dividing the required amount into different parts, and take a break between each one.