Missions to complete by most wanted criminals

Grand Theft Auto V is an open world environment game; the player will interact with the real world. The locations included in the game are Los Santos which is based on the real location Los Angeles, San Fierro which is based on the place San Francisco and the Las Venturas which is originally based on Las Vegas. All these places will in the fictional state named San Andreas. Similar to the previous versions of the game, the player is able to walk, run, swim and jump. Moreover he can take any vehicle in the game and he has no restrictions in the game. He can take the vehicles and roam around the city and visit any place he wants.

Wanted level

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When he is doing this, his wanted level will increase and as the result police will start following the player and he has to escape from them in order to survive in the game. There will be around 5 to 6 stars which indicated the status of the player’s wanted level. If all those stars start lighting then it means that the player’s wanted level has been increased. In such case, police will chase him everywhere. In fact police will also try to catch by using helicopters therefore the player has to make sure that his wanted level is not increasing.

Attack and escape

Even if the level is increased the player can easily escape from the police by attacking them in return. The player can get vehicles when he attacks and steals car from other common people in the game therefore he can make use of them and attack the police. But the wanted level will increase when he does such thing. Therefore he should be in a safe place when he wants to attack the police so that they will not shot him dead. Apart from taking missions and fighting against the police and gangs the player can simply roam around the city and look at the different places.

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Cheat codes better than hack tool

To avoid hassles like this the gamer has to use gta 5cheat codes available in the game hack websites. The game hack website is used to download the hack tools and cheat codes but cheat codes are best than hack tools. If the hack tool is downloaded the player has to install it on their device so if the hack tool is infected with virus then there will be problem that the whole device will be infected with virus.

Advantages of using cheat codes

  • Whenever the police men is about to attack or surrounded the player, he can use the gta 5 cheat code and use the leave alone option.
  • When this option is used the police will go out from the place leaving the player unharmed.

This is the main purpose of using cheat codes and it will be very useful for all the players to get escape from the police unharmed and also to get various new weapons to attack the gangs.

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