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No other games have made such an impact like the action games do. Both the super hero games and the crime scene games have been the ruling games in the market as most of the gamers are boys. Gamers find the thrilling factors and enjoy it to the core; that is why action games are considered as one of the best entertainment for them. They love to play their favorite game with their friends and others so that they can have real excitement of playing games and enjoy the different entertainment factors as a team. The one of most thrilling game to play is Grand Theft Auto V. This game needs no introduction for the gamers but let’s check some exciting details of this game.


The major highlight of this game is it does not make anyone to feel bore. Keeping the player excited is the specialty of the game. The things which are present in this game cannot be compared with any other game. Everything in this game is loved by the people and that is the main reason why this is being so special when compared with other games.

Grand Theft Auto V

It is an action adventure game which includes the role playing elements that are developed by Rockstar North. The game has been published by Rockstar games. Initially the game was released only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 then later on the developers have released a version for Xbox One and Microsoft windows.

Three major characters of this game are:

  • Franklin Clinton
  • Michael De Santa
  • Trevor Philips

Complete control

Unlike any other action game, the player will have the complete control over the location. The three robbers and their interests in crimes and robbery make them to do anything as they wish. There is no restriction for the player to do anything in the game. As it is known, the player is able to stop any vehicle in the road and he can take the driver out. Then he can take that vehicle and roam around the different locations. This is one of the major highlight of the game. The individuals who are very much interested about driving different vehicles will definitely love this game.

If you want to make this game easier for you with all exciting features nothing missing then you have to use gta 5 cheat codes. Whenever the cheat codes are used the player can generate all the needed features without hassles.

  • The player uses the cheat code to generate the life when the player is attacked by the police men or the other gangs.
  • Cheat codes are used to generate new weapons whenever needed.
  • When the player is in chasing or action he may lose the weapon if the action sequence is fierce and the gamer will be losing the control.
  • In such case the cheat codes are used to generate new weapons so that the player can use it to attack the gangs that come against the player.

Whenever the gamer visits any city the gangs in that city will start to attack the player so the player has to use gta 5 cheat codes.

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